Case studies

Project: Combined air conditioning and refrigeration applications in "Sportpark Kitzbühel"


Haas GmbH Anlagenbau in conjunction with architect VFA Norbert Widmoser


Ammonia (NH3)

System start-up:


The initial studies and preliminary planning for construction of an ice rink in Kitzbühel/Austria had already taken place in 1998. In 2004, Kitzbühel Town Council finally decided on the grounds of the sport park as the actual site of the ice rink. Preliminary planning under the auspices of the architect Norbert Widmoser envisaged combining the existing indoor tennis centre with the new ice rink. Based on Mr. Widmoser's concept, Kitzbühel Town Council issued a call for tender including planning the facilities. In the end, Haas GmbH Anlagenbau from Chieming, Germany was awarded the contract for the entire refrigerating system including the ice rinks.


The refrigeration system was to be rated for operation of an ice hockey pitch (1800 m2), a curling track (600 m2) and a mobile free ice area (600 m2). In addition, the entire air-conditioning for the new sport complex (ice rink and curling track, skittles, climbing, tennis and restaurant) was to be produced with a single refrigeration plant. The curling track and air-conditioning system were to be rated for operation all year round. Together with energetically optimum, climate-neutral rating, demands included in particular a very low temperature spread across the whole curling track. The very high temperature requirements for curling come from a very sensitive sport that is also called "chess on ice" on account of the refined tactics involved. The intention was to provide a National Curling Training Centre (Austria's only curling rink).


Given the above requirements, Haas Anlagenbau planned and produced an ammonia refrigeration plant with direct evaporation for the ice hockey and curling facilities. This included installation of approx. 30,000 m evaporation piping. Together with the energetic and climate-neutral advantages of ammonia, direct evaporation in particular warranted a low temperature spread across the entire ice surface of the curling track. A secondary glycol circuit integrated in the central ammonia system was responsible for the refrigeration necessary to air-condition the sport complex; the mobile free ice surface was also connected to this circuit. In addition, Haas Anlagenbau installed two different temperature levels to recover heat from the refrigeration process. This waste heat was used for air-conditioning tasks and for melting the snow pits. In addition, the refrigeration plant was equipped with a remote monitoring system for on-line support in addition to maintenance on site. As the whole sport complex is located right at the heart of Kitzbühel, Haas Anlagenbau also worked together with the Austrian authorities and Kitzbühel fire brigade to develop a corresponding safety concept for the ammonia refrigeration plant. The refrigeration plant has now been running for 4 years to the utmost satisfaction of the operator.

Technical data:

Type of facility:

NH3 pump operation



Refrigerant volume:

3500 kg

Secondary refrigerant:

NH3 direct evaporation / glycol

Evaporation temperature:


Condensation temperature:

+20°C to +45°C

Refrigerating capacity:

750 kW

Main components:

2x reciprocating compressor units GEA Grasso 810

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