eurammon Symposium 2020 "Heating and Cooling with Natural Refrigerants - a Way to Decarbonization"

It is one of the key dates for the refrigeration and air-conditioning industry: The annual eurammon Symposium.

This year, operators, planners, system engineers and an interested audience came together virtually to discuss heat pumps using natural refrigerants and the associated possibilities for waste heat recovery. International experts have shown how the use of heat pumps with natural refrigerants contributes to meeting the increased ecological requirements, giving insights into current legislation and technical regulations, as well as discussing new solutions for heat pumps using natural refrigerants.

The initiative eurammon sees its mission in providing a platform for information and knowledge sharing – we therefore provide all the presentations held at the Symposium 2020 below. Please note that the list of presentations is not complete yet, since the Symposium will be concluded on 8 July 2020.