Case studies

Prosper de Mulder

Planning / Implementation / Main components

Star Refrigeration Ltd.


Carbon dioxide (CO2), secondary refrigerant Ammonia (NH3)

System start-up


Prosper de Mulder, the UK's largest pet food processor, had a requirement for an efficient plate freezing system to replace the old R-22 system for their pet food production facility in Doncaster, England.


Replacement of the old refrigeration plant which used R-22 with a non ozone depleting refrigerant which would not be subject to impending F-gas regulations.


Installation of an environmentally friendly and highly efficient plate freezer system using carbon dioxide as the refrigerant with ammonia condensers.

Technical data:


Type of facility

Vertical plate freezer system



Secondary Refrigerant


No. of refrigeration compressors


Refrigerant temperature

CO2 -50 ºC, NH3 -40 ºC

Refrigerating capacity

1,000 kW

Main components

Screw compressors, surge drum/pump set, 16 plate freezers

Special features / Comments

The main environmental benefit is the low energy consump-tion of this system. The combination of CO2 with pressurized liquid defrost for a plate freezing system is a world first. Freezing times are 75 % of the traditional system and the system is running more efficiently at far lower temperatures without causing excessive power consumption.


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