Case Studies

The following case studies from our members show that natural refrigerants can be used in various applications - be it in ice rinks in Scotland, hospitals in north-east London, breweries in Germany and many more. 

Ice rinks, hospitals or breweries - natural refrigerants can be used in various applications.

Scotland’s Favorite Ice Rink

Increased cooling capacity, reduced carbon footprint

More Natural Refrigeration for the Brewing Process

Natural Cooling for Scottish Salmon – Pinneys of Scotland Converts to Ammonia

Seafood chilled to perfection – Gadre Marine Export cools naturally

Eco-friendly integral system for a supermarket chain, Germany

Federal ice-skating training center in Oberstdorf cools naturally

Cool Cookies - The Dutch biscuit manufacturer Verkade invests in efficient refrigeration systems

Eco-friendly CO2 Refrigeration Plant for S-Market, Finland

Cool Solution for Kuehne+Nagel Distribution Centre, Brinklow (UK)

Dual Temperature Cooling System, Hertfordshire (UK)

"Lentpark" – ice skating and swimming stadium / Cologne, Germany

Project: Chilling the brewing water for Brauhaus Tegernsee

Project: Combined air conditioning and refrigeration applications in "Sportpark Kitzbühel"

Meat Factory Volkovysk / Belarus

Project: Milk Factory Sitnikov / Russia

Project: Panda / Saudi Arabia

Asda Distribution Centre / UK

Del Monte / Dubai

Kraft Foods / Bahrain

Letter Sorting Centre / Switzerland

Project: Frigosuisse Deep-Freeze Warehouse, Switzerland

Tingvalla Ice Stadium / Sweden

Trio Invest Distribution Centre / Russia

ABN Amro Data Centre / UK

Biotechnology Roche / Germany

Project: „Ski Dubai“ / United Arab Emirates

Guinness Brewery / Ireland

Poultry Producer / Germany

Project: Super Best Supermarket / Denmark

Roche Products / U.K.

Danone Ferrières en Bray

Pasta & Co.

Process Refrigeration for a Confectionery

Project: A Finless Freezer

Project: „Curl Aberdeen“ ice rink / Great Britain

Yoghurt Processing

Zipf Brewery / Austria

Hocheifel Pronsfeld Dairy Syndicate

Maran Organic Supermarket

Prosper de Mulder

Stuttgart Airport - Construction of New Terminal 3

Unilever / Czech Republic


Frigopol Office Building

International Maritime Organisation

Skating rink in Nishnij Nowgorod

Strakonice Brewery / Czech Republic

Carbon Dioxide Recovery at Yara

Freezing and refrigeration M+P frozen foods

Lundbeck Pharmaceuticals

Nestle's coffee production

Roche products - district cooling

Skating rink in Dornbirn

Snacks by Ditsch

Skating rink at the Arena Centro in Oberhausen

Air-conditioning system for buses

Herta Meat and Sausage Specialist / Germany

Shock-freeze systems

Slaughterhouse / Sweden

CO2 Technology Centre / Brazil

CA Warehouse Mansfields / Great Britain

Project: Lekkerland / Germany

CO2 Leak Detector

Ammonia Spray Chiller / Silver Bay Seafoods, Alaska