Case studies

Skating rink in Dornbirn

Planning / Implementation / Main components

Axima refrigeration technology GmbH, A-Lauterach


ammonia (NH3) / secondary refrigerant carbon dioxide (CO2)

System start-up


The Dornbirn Messe (convention centre) operates several exhibition halls used for sporting events, concerts and shows (e.g. the TV show "Wetten dass"). Because the use of the existing open-air facility is dependent on weather conditions, a new multi-purpose indoor stadium was built, for which Axima Refrigeration designed a modern skating rink.


The convention stadium called for a modern, energy-saving indoor skating rink that is easily altered to adapt to changing usage.


The innovative facility is composed of two refrigerant compressors. Indirect cooling, using carbon dioxide as the refrigerant, allows for an improvement in energy consumption by up to 35 percent as compared to using a glycol mixture. The waste heat generated is used to heat the premises as well as warm water. The use of carbon dioxide ensures maximum environmental friendliness, safety and economic efficiency.

Technical data:


Type of facility

single-stage NH3 refrigeration system with piston compressors (reciprocating compressors), waste heat exploitation



Refrigerant volume

150 kg


CO2 (ca. 6,000 kg)

No. of refrigeration compressors


Refrigerant temperature

-7 °C

Refrigerating capacity

600 kW

Surface of the ice

1,800 m²

Stadium capacity

up to 8,000

Track construction

integrated permafrost heater for anti-freeze protection, porous concrete as an insulating core

Track pipes

made of special steel

Total pipe length

approx. 23,600 m

Thickness of the ice

3 cm

Special features / Comments

In this energy design, the waste heat may be used for heating the premises and warm water. Excess heat is conducted into the earth via piers.




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