Background articles

Here you find the latest eurammon background articles listed. Many of them are available in different languages. You will find the different versions as PDF documents on the arctile page or in the attachement box on the right site.
Find the latest eurammon background articles listed below.

Challenges of the F-gas regulation

Ammonia proves its advantages in various industrial use

Chillventa 2018: Pictures

Chillventa 2018: Lecture Event Presentations

eurammon Symposium 2018: Photo Gallery

Planning for the future: long-term investment security as a driver for natural refrigerant

Many reasons for small quantities of refrigerant

Natural refrigerants are a popular topic: growing demand for initial and further training courses

"The competitive disadvantage of natural refrigerants is diminishing"

Expert interview: Energy efficiency in defrosting systems

eurammon Symposium 2017: Presentations

Call for Papers: Natural Refrigeration Award 2017

Natural and sustainable cooling with R723

Ammonia – naturally safe

"Natural refrigerants: first choice for air-conditioning"

Count-down for the phase-out

Energy efficient and future-oriented: Heat pumps with natural refrigerants

Unabated potential: The ammonia working group on a refrigerant for the future.

F-Gas phase-out: Europe as role model for the USA

Challenges of the new F-Gas Regulation

Switzerland: Top-class when it comes to natural refrigerants

Natural refrigerants increasingly significant worldwide

Large heat pumps, huge potential

Energy-efficient natural refrigerants – it’s time to re-evaluate our approach!

Fit for the phase-down

From the Middle East to North America: Lecture event shows the potential of natural refrigerants in various markets

Cool naturally – but safely!

"Natural refrigerants make economic sense."

Fresh for the future – Natural refrigerants in the food industry

Tried and tested and increasingly in demand: Propane is gaining ground

Globally active – eurammon and its partner organisations

The Australian Experiment In Fluorocarbon Refrigerant Management and Reduction

The Rise of Natural Refrigerants and its Costs

There´s a Future for Natural Refrigerants

Natural refrigerants: great potential in small capacity ranges

3 Questions to Thomas Spänich, member of the eurammon Executive Board

Eco-friendly brewing processes use natural refrigerants to produce cold beer for hot days

Medal-worthy natural refrigerants

Heat pumps with natural refrigerants – energy-efficient technology

From producer to consumer - Natural refrigerants in the cold chain

Climate change and its significance for refrigeration technology

Supermarkets advocate sustainable refrigeration

Air-conditioning with natural refrigerants

Cooling supermarkets the eco-friendly way

Environment-friendly heat supply with heat pumps using natural refrigerants

German food industry gets cool with natural refrigerants

Natural refrigerants: current developments and trends