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Herta Meat and Sausage Specialist / Germany

Planning / Implementation / Main components

Güntner AG & Co. KG


Ammonia (NH3)

System start-up


The meats and sausages producer Herta relies on ammonia refrigeration systems at its original plant in Herten, Westphalia. The numerous refrigerated storage rooms were fitted out by Güntner.


Herta required high-performance high-bay, short-term and deep-freeze refrigeration facilities to properly store its speciality meat and sausage products.


The high-bay refrigerated warehouse consists of five refrigerated rooms where uncut and packaged sausage products are stored separately. Refrigeration here is provided by eight Dual Discharge ammonia evaporators. Built by Güntner, they are ceiling-mounted and ensure a constant ambient temperature of 0°C. Each of the 22-kilowatts evaporators has a blowing range of 14 metres on either side, which translates to a circulation volume of 12,600m³/hr. For further energy savings, the waste heat generated during the refrigeration process is used to de-ice the evaporators. In the short-term cold storage room, four ammonia evaporators keep the products at -2°C. The deep-freeze warehouse is equipped with three evaporators and has an ambient temperature of -27°C.

Technical data:


Type of facility (circuit)

Ammonia evaporatorsation system



Refrigerating volume

12 t

Secondary refrigerant


Refrigerating capacity

2,900 kW

Refrigerant temperature

High-bay refrigerated warehouse: 0°C
Short-term cold storage: -2°C
Deep-freeze warehouse: -27°C

Refrigerating capacity

High-bay refrigerated warehouse: 8 x 22 kW
Short-term cold storage: 4 x 22 kW
Deep-freeze warehouse: 3 x 22 kW

Main components

Dual Discharge evaporators



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