Case studies

International Maritime Organisation

Planning / Implementation / Main components

Star Refrigeration Ltd.


Ammonia (NH3)

System start-up


The International Maritime Organisation building in London is HQ to a world-renowned insti-tution and is a major venue for many global conferences. In order to comply with environ-mental standards, it was necessary to replace the chillers, which provide cooling to the of-fices and conference suite.


The R-11 chillers were to be replaced due to the phase out of CFCs and the new chillers had to comply with the Gov-ernment's policy of avoiding fluorocarbon refrigerants.


Two water chillers were placed in an acoustic housing on the roof of the offices, close-coupled to two evaporative con-densers.

Technical data:





Type of facility

2 NH3 water chillers



Refrigerant volume

280 kg

No. of refrigeration compressors


Refrigerant temperature

From +11 ºC to +5.5 ºC with an evaporating temperature of +3.3 ºC

Refrigerating capacity

1,400 kW

Main components

Low pressure receiver, plate heat exchanger, condenser

Special features / Comments

The power consumption of the ammonia chillers is signifi-cantly less than previous systems and they are estimated to be over 30 % more efficient than the previous installation. The chillers operate as a critically charged, flooded system, with a low specific ammonia charge.



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