Case studies

Stuttgart Airport - Construction of New Terminal 3

Planning / Implementation / Main components

Grasso GmbH
IGH Ingenieurgesellschaft Höpfner mbH
Anlagenbauer Stangl AG


Ammonia (NH3)

System start-up

Spring 2003

With 400 take-offs and landings a day, Stuttgart Airport is an important hub in Germany's southwest. To cope with increasing passenger growth, the airport is adding a new terminal. Grasso provided a customised air-conditioning system using natural refrigerants for the new construction of Terminal 3.


The secondary refrigerant is to be cooled with two different set points per liquid chiller unit depending on the operation mode of the plant.


Two liquid chillers with a combined output of 2,300 kW are used. Special condensers can achieve temperature differences of 1 degree Celsius.

Technical data:


Type of facility

2 NH3 liquid chillers



Secondary refrigerant

20 % ethylene glycol

Refrigerating capacity

1 x 1,500 kW, 1 x 800 kW

Special features / Comments

Ice bank-operated; in addition, the new liquid chillers are hydraulically linked to the older terminal's facilities



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