Case studies

Kraft Foods / Bahrain

Planning / Implementation / Main components: Johnson Controls International 
Refrigerant: Ammonia (NH3)
System start-up: End of 2007

The international food and beverage company Kraft Foods, well known for its brands such as Philadelphia cheese, Miracle Whip mayonnaise and Jacobs coffee, has built a new production plant for cheese products and powdered drinks in Bahrain, from where it will supply food retailers throughout the Middle East with its products. The central ammonia refrigeration system was provided by Johnson Controls International.


The operator attached great importance to the refrigeration that should be economical and sustainable.


At the heart of the facility is a machine room with ammonia refrigeration units that chill cold water to a temperature of just 2°C by cooling the ammonia, which has a total refrigerating capacity of 8,000 kW, and evaporates at 0°C. The coolant is distributed to the various users via a network of pipes, where it absorbs the heat generated by the manufacturing processes.


Technical data:



Type of facility Ammonia refrigeration system
Refrigerant: NH3
Refrigerant volume 5,500 kg
Secondary refrigerant


Refrigerant capacity

8,000 kW

Main components Ammonia refrigeration units, 4 screw compressors – some of which are speed-regulated, 2 plate heat exchangers, 1 gravity-driven separator, 3 evaporative condensers


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