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Frigopol Office Building

Planning / Implementation / Main components

Frigopol - Kälteanlagen GmbH


R 723

System start-up


Frigopol, a manufacturer of refrigerant condensers, chillers and complete refrigeration systems, equipped its new office building in Frauental, Austria with air conditioning, relying on R 723, a new natural refrigerant.


In 2001, the company built a new plant including production and office facilities. All offices were to be air-conditioned to ensure a pleasant "working climate." Economic efficiency and environmental friendliness were the top priorities.


The heart of the refrigeration plant, which runs on the natural refrigerant compound R 723, is a dual-circuit liquid refrigeration unit. At an evaporating temperature of 0 degree Celsius and a condensation temperature of 45 degrees Celsius, its refrigeration capacity is around 60 kilowatts. The facility consists of two separating hood compressors, each with a plate heat exchanger and an air-cooled condenser. The design of the installation largely corresponds to that of a conventional HFC refrigeration plant.

Technical data:


Type of facility

Central refrigeration plant


R 723 (percentage by weight: ammonia 60 %, dimethyl ether: 40 %)

Refrigerant volume

15 kg per circuit

Secondary refrigerant

R 723

Refrigerating capacity

60 kW

Main components

Two separating hood compressors, two plate heat exchangers, an air-cooled condenser with water spray

Special features / Comments

The new natural refrigerant R 723 combines the energy advantages of ammonia with the straightforward facility design of oil-soluble refrigerants. R 723 has a large volumetric refrigerating capacity and accordingly high coefficients of performance.


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