Case studies

Skating rink in Nishnij Nowgorod

Planning / Implementation / Main components

Axima Refrigeration GmbH, D-Lindau


Ammonia (NH3)

System start-up


A large sports and recreational facility to be used for international ice hockey, speed skating and figure skating competitions was built in Nishnij Nowgorod, Russia. It also serves as a playing field for the Russian ice sport "Bandy." To this end, Axima Refrigeration built the world's biggest skating rink, with a surface area of 12,600 square meters.


The construction of the ice-skating rink required extensive technical and logistical know-how, along with special experience with major international projects.


The refrigeration system consists of three very large screw compressor units, using environmentally compatible ammonia as the refrigerant. 170 kilometres of plastic pipe were laid to chill the track.

Technical data:


Type of facility

screw compressor refrigeration system,



Refrigerant volume

approx. 500 kg per unit

Secondary refrigerant

aqueous potassium formate brine

No. of refrigeration compressors


Refrigerating capacity per compressor

1,400 kW

Surface of the ice

approx. 12,600 m²

Stadium capacity


Track construction

plastic pipes / reinforced concrete

Total pipe length

approx. 170,000 m

Special features / Comments

The construction of the vast concrete track and its installation during the brief frost-free period presented additional challenges. Axima also handled large portions of the procedure to get the facility approved under Russian law.


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