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Planning / Implementation / Main components

Haas Anlagenbau GmbH / Hans Güntner GmbH


Ammonia (NH3)

System start-up


The Austrian dairy manufacturer Berglandmilch operates its main production plant in Aschbach near Vienna. Each day, some 700,000 liters of raw milk are delivered to the plant and processed into fresh and UHT milk, yoghurt, butter and cheese.


To cope with these volumes, the production and storage capacity had to be increased by nearly 50 percent. The idea was to have central refrigeration that is flexibly adjustable to fluctuating demands on capacity.


The ammonia plant provides refrigeration to two ice water silos, a chilling tunnel, a high-rack warehouse and a deep-freeze storage. The ice-water silos provide cold energy for cooling all production processes. The joint storage capacity of the two silos is 5,000 kilowatt hours. In the chilling tunnel, finished yoghurt is cooled from 25°C to 6°C storage temperature in 90 minutes, after which the yoghurt is automatically transported to the 18,000m³ high-rack warehouse. In the deep-freeze storage, freshly produced butter is cooled down from 18°C to -20°C in one day.

Technical data:


Type of facility (circuit)

central refrigeration system



Refrigerating volume

9,000 kg

Secondary refrigerating

Antifrogen, ice water

Refrigerating capacity

2,900 kW

Main components

two ice water silos
a chilling tunnel with eight NH3 floor-mounted evaporators
a high-rack warehouse
a deep-freeze storage with four ceiling-mounted evaporators and 18 ventilators
a NH3 separator (-8°C)
a NH3 separator (-30°C)
four piston compressors (-8°C, Grasso)
two piston compressors (-30°C, Grasso)
two evaporation condensers (BAC)

Special features / Comments

At this point the refrigeration output is 2,900 kilowatts. However, it may be increased up to a maximum of 3,500 kilowatts as needed.


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