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Seafood chilled to perfection – Gadre Marine Export cools naturally

Supplier: Alfa Laval Lund AB Refrigerant: Ammonia (NH3) Refrigerant Capacity: 1050 kW System start-up: 2013


Gadre Marine Export, one of India's largest exporters of fish and seafood, was looking for a solution to cool water to 4°C at an outside temperature of 30°C. To this end, the already existing refrigeration system was to be modified by adding a solution with the natural refrigerant ammonia. The greatest challenge consisted in making the best possible use of the limited space available on site. The aim was to avoid having to alter the electricity supply and piping and also to avoid modifications to the building.


Alfa Laval developed an innovative solution that considered all customer requirements, consisting of a semi-welded evaporator with corresponding U-Turn separator. This separator model is ideal particularly for use with plate heat exchangers in ammonia systems. Its specific properties minimise pressure losses in the refrigeration system while maximising energy efficiency. The low installation height and compact design of the model offered an optimum solution for the space problem without making it necessary to modify the cabling in the ceiling. With the heat exchanger and separator coming from the same manufacturer, there was no risk of rating or installation errors, with simple integration of the prefabricated unit in the existing systems without any longer downtimes. The use of ammonia makes the upgraded system particularly environmentally friendly and energy-efficient, with a considerable reduction in electricity costs.

Technical data:

Type of facility:

Integrated cooling system for seafood processing


Refrigerant charge:

Ammonia (NH3)

40 kg

Evaporation temperature:


Condensation temperature:



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