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Meat Factory Volkovysk / Belarus


Güntner AG & Co. KG


Ammonia (NH3)

System start-up:


The Volkovysk combine is one of the 10 largest meat processing factories in Belarus. Every year around 60,000 t of meat are processed here to make products such as mincemeat, sausages and meatballs. The products are cooled with ammonia evaporators by Güntner.


The original factory (founded in 1964) was to be modernised and extended during on-going production. To fulfil the high demands resulting from correct storage of the products, the operators instructed Güntner to equip the deep-freeze rooms.


Güntner supplied 14 ammonia evaporators mounted under the ceiling on stainless steel frames. The evaporators hold the room temperatures in the various deep-freeze storage areas at a constant -5, -10, -30 and -40°C. The total capacity of the evaporators is 8,700 kW. 50 t of ammonia circulate through the central refrigeration system, while the secondary refrigerant circuit operates with 600 kg of refrigerant. Volkovysk completed the extensive modernisation work in 2008.

Technical data:

Type of system:

Ammonia refrigeration system



Refrigerant charge:

50 t

Secondary refrigerant:

R22, R404A, R134A

Evaporating temperature:

-5°C, -10 °C, -30 °C, -40 °C

Condensing temperature:


Cooling capacity:

8,700 kW

Main components:

14 ammonia evaporators

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